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When To Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Expert?

Hi, I’m Chris Parks with North Star Services, LLC, and I’m going to answer a question we receive quite often from local real estate agents and homeowners alike. ‘Do I need a water damage restoration expert to handle my issues in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area?

When it comes down to it, each issue needs to be separately addressed. While some water damage may seem small, these tiny issues could very well be part of something much more involved. Until you get a professional water damage company that has the tools and technology to review the entire issue at hand, you can never be too careful. Not saying that a simple faucet drip or clogged gutter can’t be swiftly corrected, however many times water damage occurs when the simple isn’t that simple.

Water Damage is a Multi-step Process

Typically, water damage restoration is a multi-step process that should be handled by an experienced, certified and licensed water restoration contractor. A small plumbing issue could actually span several rooms behind drywall setting the stage for costly water damage and potential mold growth.

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Services

At North Star Services, we handle both residential and commercial customers. We have today’s technology such as thermal imaging cameras, penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters to exactly pinpoint if and where water damage is occurring. Then we can monitor those environments, using dehumidification and other equipment taking damaged areas from wet to dry ensuring no secondary damage.

Plus, with my previous experience working with insurance claims and adjustments, we’ll help you navigate the waters by properly documenting the issue(s) so you have the best possibility of your insurance company paying for the loss. With our experience, we’ll quickly and efficiently speed recovery to pre-loss condition.

Precautions Dealing With Water Damage

There are some precautions and steps you can follow to help if you experience water damage in your home or office.

When Dealing with Water Damage

Contact a licensed, certified water damage restoration company such as North Star Services as soon as possible. Damage from water, mold and bacteria growth can begin within 24-48 hours

  • Do not enter an affected building

  • If water damage is due to natural disaster, check for any fallen power lines

  • Do not enter into rooms with standing water if the power is still on

  • If possible, disconnect the power if you must enter damaged property

  • Remove as much as water as possible by blotting and mopping

  • Do not use an ordinary household vacuum to remove water

  • Electric appliances should not be used on wet floors and wet carpet

  • Wet fabrics should be removed and dried as soon as possible

  • Hang Leather goods and furs to dry separately at room temperature

  • Move paintings, photos, guns and art objects to a dry, safe location

  • Keep open luggage, closet doors, and furniture drawers to enhance drying

Health Tips When Dealing With Water Damage

  • Turn off any air handling systems or HVAC if safely accessible

  • Avoid contact with sewage or sewage-contaminated items

  • Do not consume any food that has been left out in contaminated environments

  • Do not turn on fans to dry out the room

  • Do not stay in the building if you have respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, etc

Timing Is Everything

Remember, no home or business owner can predict when water damage will strike. But, when a leak, flood, or storm does result in water damage, timing is everything.

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