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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Decontamination
coronavirus COVID-19

North Star Services, LLC is Nashville, Berry Hill & Middle Tennessee's complete restoration company specializing in mold remediation, water damage, bio-hazard cleanup and purification treatment services including Coronavirus - Covid 19 - decontamination.

COVID-19  is a highly contagious virus that can cause serious health conditions for the elderly and/or people with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions.


The virus is primarily spread by prolonged close contact when respiratory droplets from an infected person pass to an uninfected person. The symptoms of the disease can include fever, cough or shortness of breath. Currently, there is no vaccine for the disease and no specific treatment besides supportive care. Proper decontamination of interior spaces such as offices, homes, retail stores, health facilities, government agencies, industrial buildings, etc. will significantly slow or stop the spread of this virus.

Our highest priority is the safety of our clients, staff and community. We perform a comprehensive decontamination and sanitation protocol that exceeds all CDC and OSHA guidelines. Once completed you will receive a safe-to-reoccupy clearance certificate which brings your facility to a hospital-grade clean room condition.

With our world confronting the dangers of the coronavirus, North Star Services, LLC wants to help contribute towards the safety of our Middle Tennessee business community. When you employ our Coronavirus Treatment Services, we will schedule a convenient arrival prior to your employee's return leaving your property clean and purified.


Our environmentally safe, totally green, treatment completely destroys and eradicates thousands of dangerous toxins, bacteria and viruses including, the Coronavirus, influenza, super bugs, MRSA, toxic mold, cigarette smoke odors, pet odors, urine odors, odors, synthetic material chemicals embedded in furniture, paints, plastics, carpets, and so much more.

If you need an environmental-friendly company that can deliver swift results to decontaminate your business from the Coronavirus  in Middle Tennessee call North Star Services, LLC today!

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